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Year End Points
Points have been update on July 8th, 2017. All shows are included through the 7th. 

OFEA Silver Buckle Open Series
Be sure to join us for our Open Series! Our second open show is Septemeber 16th at the Yamhill Co. Fairgrounds, McMinnville. Show starts at 8:30 AM.
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OFEA Silver Buckle Gaming Series
The footing is sloppy and with more rain we don't feel it is safe to run. Stay tuned detials.

August Event Lineup

8/5 PEC Open Summer Series, Springfield, OR. Show starts at 8:30 AM  Emily Honey, Judge

8/12. OFEA Gaming Show, Flyin Dirt Ranch, Turner. Show starts at 10:00 AM

8/12 Wacker Performance Open Show, Beavercreek. Show starts at 8:00 AM 8eavercreek, OR. Judge TBD

8/19. Roddy Ranch Open Horse Show, Albany. Show starts at 8:30 AM. Sharon Zucker, judge

8/26-27 Spotted Summer Spectacular Appaloosa Breed and OPEN All Breed Show, Jackson Expo, Central Point

Be sure to get your membership in for year-end points. Points will not be accumulated unless your membership is current. We don't want you to be left behind.

OFEA Schooling Show, May 6th, 2017

What a wonderful final schooling series show! Thanks to everyone who came and had fun. The highlight was our Mother's Day Leadline...14 Moms!
Here are the daily high points, reserve high points and series high points and reserve high points!
Champion--Huey, owned and showed by Debbie Hogevoll
Rsv. Champion--Skippers Peppy Lena, owned by Wendy Loper, showed by Erin Davis
10 and Under: Briahana Kirchner, HiPt; Jessica McLennan and Taylor Bradley, Reserve Hi Pt
13 and Under: Lauren Callahan, HiPt; Alyssa Kvidt, Rsv HiPt
14-17--Emma Wheatcroft, HiPt; Jessica Hoffman, Rsv HiPt
18 & Over--Rachael DeForest, HiPt; Geneva Boston, Rsv HiPt
Novice--Carly Dowless, HiPt; Olivia Stokes, Rsv HiPt
10 and Under: Jessica McLennan, HiPt; Taylor Bradley, Rsv Hi Pt
13 and Under: Lauren Callahan, HiPt; Alyssa Kvidt, Rsv HiPt
14-17--Emma Wheatcroft, HiPt; Hanna Marshall, Rsv HiPt
18 & Over--Rachael DeForest, HiPt; Wendy Loper, Rsv HiPt
Novice--Carly Dowless, HiPt; Brooke McKinley, Rsv HiPt
10 & Under--Briahana Kirschner, HiPt; McKenzie Rice, Rsv HiPt
13 & Under--Alyssa Kvidt, HiPt; Mirabella Pugliese, Rsv. HiPt
14-17--Emma Wheatcroft, HiPt; Summar Oleman, Rsv. HiPt
18 & Over--Wendy Loper, HiPt; Debbie Hogevoll, Rsv HiPt
Novice--Carly Dowless, HiPt; Olivia Stokes, Rsv HiPt
Congratulations everyone!

2017 Membership
Remember to mail in your 2017 membership forms today!!

2016 Top Five Overall Competitors
Congratulations to all of our competitors this year! Be sure to check out our year end standings! Congratulations to our Top 5 Overall Competitors for 2016:
    Overall Champion--Rachael DeForest
    Reserve Champion--Madie DeForest
    Third Overall--Krista Grenz
    Fourth Overall--Lauren Callahan
    Fifth Overall--Emily Gehring
    CONGRATS everyone!!

Calling All Unwanted Ribbons
Do you have unwanted or undisplayed ribbons around and would love to "donate" them? Contact any of our board members to donate them for our Crazy Ribbon Shows.

Calling All Volunteers
We need volunteers for our upcoming OFEA shows! Get started on your volunteer hours , you need 3 hours per year to earn year end awards. Please contact Mona West at mimowest@comcast.net if you can volunteer your (or a family member's) time...even one hour helps!
2017 Hours Completed         Gaming Volunteers Needed        
Open and Schooling Volunteers Needed

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