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The mission of OFEA is to hold and authorize performance horse events that are consistent and fair to competitors and at the same time, friendly and relaxed.


OFEA offers an array of programs to support and encourage showing equine in open, schooling, and gaming shows as well as trail logged hours, english versatility, western versatility, and service to the community.

OFEA Board Officers:

Krista Grenz, President

Megan Jongsma, Vice President

Carol Smith, Show Secretary

Summer Oja, Corresponding Secretary

Kathy Mickenham, Treasurer

OFEA Board Members:

Krista Grenz

Mark Grenz

Kathy Mickenham

Carol Smith

Samantha Klein

Summer Oja

Heidi Ebner

Megan Jongsma


Board meetings are open to OFEA members and others who are interested in learning more about the organization. All meetings are held via Zoom.

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